Healthcare Staffing

Our recruiting process is fully compliant with DMW requirements and global WHO standards.

  1. Based on job orders from our healthcare clients in Germany and other selected countries, we interview, assess and pre-select potentially suitable applicants and present them to our client.
  2. If the client is satisfied, we organize a German education program up to German language level B1 or B2.
  3. In parallel, we assist our clients in Germany in receiving the German authorities’ recognition of the applicants’ medical skill set.
  4. After successful completion of the German language exam level B1/B2, the employment contract will be issued.
  5. Subsequently, a thorough health screening must be passed and the German working visa and residence permit will be coordinated.
  6. We will prepare the applicant for her/his life in Germany and organize the travel there, including the transfer to the hospital site.
  7. We will provide an assistance hotline for our candidates sent to Germany throughout their stay.
German Language Training

F4E HealthcareForce Inc. has agreements with several well-established German language schools.

We provide retro-perspective scholarships for our applicants for the German language courses from A1 to B1, upon successful pass of the B1 level exam.

How fast can you get a solution?

The lead time is typically 2-3 months, or 6-12 months if a language other than English is required.

During this period, the right specialist staff is carefully identified regarding professional skills, mind-set, personality, etc., followed by a background check, introduced to the future employer (video conference), trained in the language of the host country if required, such as Arabic or German, prepared for the life in the host country and finally brought to the employer in the Middle East or in Europe.

Our capacity is 200-300 medical staffs and other professionals per calendar year.

What will we do for you?

F4E HealthcareForce International Inc. is responsible - in addition to the technical-oriented preselection - for the compliance with the official processes in the Philippines and the language training if required by the employer. F4E HealthcareForce also organizes the work visa for the host country and the logistics on behalf of the employer.

The employment contract, typically with a minimum contract period of 2 years, is concluded between the employer in the host country and the Filipino professional, in accordance with the labor requirements applicable in the host country.

F4E HealthcareForce International Inc. oversees the entire process up to the start of work on site in the host country and maintains close communication with the client.

F4E HealthcareForce International Inc.

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"No placement fee and No salary refund."
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